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Re: Removing glue and labels from book spines


I have a suggestion for use on vinyls: try Carstons Medical Supply in
Chicago.  They make a very nice cleaner used on medical record folders that
is safe (at least not toxic in a hospital environment) that really does
clean that goo off the plastics.  Comes in a cleaner and conditioner set.

Also try a rubber cement pick up available in art stores.  Looks sort of
like a small version of a floor tile.  It will remove all sorts of goo from
various surfaces.  Go easy with it to see how the surface will react to
pulling away of the goo.  Turn the pick up as needed and every so often
pinch off the dark bits that you've just picked up.  It will last indefinately.

Hope this helps, gook luck!

At 01:40 PM 9/30/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Steve Anderson (Baltimore County Circuit Court) suggested that I try you
>folks.  Greg Vince (Engelwood, Colo) recommended "GOO GONE" by Magic and
>I heard about using alcohol.  You may have other suggestions.  So here's
>my message:
>I'm sorry to do this- I'm not on lawlib, but does anyone have a quick
>reference on what solvents to use to remove different types of labels
>(paper, fabric, clear plastic) and glue (white glue, rubber cement,
>adhesives from labels) from different types of bindings (leather, vinyl,
>paper, etc)?   I have 30 years of multiple merger acquisitions to put
>into condition for new labels.  It would be even better if the list were
>by title/publisher (We have 15,000 vols approx-Fed, Fed 2d, ALRs, AmJur,
>Fed Supp, Pac, Pac Dig, West's BR, FRD, Restatements, assorted small
>practice sets, single title and gooey 3 ring binders).
>Also please comment on fumes, if any, hazards and safety precautions.
>Since I'm in a closed environment (on the 30th floor) I'm looking for
>safe and easy.
>> Thank you.
>> Noriko Low
>> Library Coordinator
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Claudia Stall
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San Diego State University

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