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various papers

This small department recently moved some old (20-30+ yrs) equipment and
supplies from a remote storage area.  The area, most of the time, was
temperature and humidity controlled.

When I went to put things into map drawers inside our new area, I discovered
packages of different types of paper that I had never seen before.  I would
like to know what it is and what it is used for or suitable for.  At present
they are just taking up space in a space-at-a-premium area.

Name on label            Stock #     Quantity on hand  Size    Color

TEA CHEST GOLD           ---         100 SHEETS        20 X 29"  METALIC

LACE PAPER               ---         400 SHEETS        24 X 36"  WHITE

KINIWASHI CREAM                      400 SHEETS        24 X 36"  CREAM

A LOO BOGEN            NR534102      500 SHEETS      18 3/4 X 24 3/4" BROWN

A LOO BOGEN            NR534161      500 SHEETS       (AS ABOVE)      TAN

A LOO BOGEN            NR534141      500 SHEETS       (AS ABOVE)      GREEN

A LOO BOGEN            NR534121      500 SHEETS       (AS ABOVE)  BLUE/GREY

A LOO BOGEN            NR534151      200 SHEETS       (AS ABOVE)      GREY

NATSUME                 4007         100 SHEETS          24 X 36" OFF WHITE

UNRYU                  ----          100 SHEETS          24 X 39" OFF WHITE

CHIRI                   ---          200 SHEETS       23 1/2 X 35" MULBERRY

MULBERRY              ---            150 SHEETS       24 X 33 1/2"   CREAM

ARCHES COVER          ---            100 SHEETS       22 X 30"  OFF WHITE

The first three items say Made in Japan.  The rest have no indication
visible as to where made.  Some had Andrews/Nelson/Whitehead on the label.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks so much.

Claudia Stall
Head, Collection Preservation Unit
Love Library
San Diego State University

"Be kind, do good work, and touch the earth gently."

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