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Re: various papers

>When I went to put things into map drawers inside our new area, I discovered
>packages of different types of paper that I had never seen before.  I would
>like to know what it is and what it is used for or suitable for.
>TEA CHEST GOLD           ---         100 SHEETS        20 X 29"  METALIC

I've used some of this paper for covers on a black half-calf binding of
Magnus Robot Fighter comic books. I think it is an attractive paper for the
right book, but I found it to be a colossal pain to work with. it is
fragile, and wrinkles easily. Good luck with it.


Steven D. Hales
Assistant Professor                     email: hales@xxxxxxxxxx
Department of Philosophy                phone: (717) 389-4229
Bloomsburg University                   fax: (717) 389-2094
Bloomsburg, PA 17815

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