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Re: various papers

On Thu, 3 Oct 1996, Claudia Stall wrote:

> This small department recently moved some old (20-30+ yrs) equipment and
> supplies from a remote storage area.  The area, most of the time, was
> temperature and humidity controlled.
> When I went to put things into map drawers inside our new area, I discovered
> packages of different types of paper that I had never seen before.  I would
> like to know what it is and what it is used for or suitable for.  At present
> they are just taking up space in a space-at-a-premium area.
> Name on label            Stock #     Quantity on hand  Size    Color
> TEA CHEST GOLD         Japan Novelty paper-binding-boxes etc
> LACE PAPER             Same as above
> KINIWASHI CREAM        Japan Printmaking-woodcut
> A LOO BOGEN            Dutch?  never heard of it-Printmaking (guessing)

>NATSUME                Japan-Printmaking
 UNRYU                  Japan Printmaking/Woodcut

> CHIRI                 Japan (I think Tim Barrett told me this is used
                        as toilet paper in rual Japan)
> MULBERRY               Japan  Woodcut/printmaking
> ARCHES COVER         Standard French Printmaking paper
Dear> Claudia Stall
With the one execption I listed these are all satndard art school
printmaking papers, Judging by the list a woodcut class.  Some of them
are basicly for decoration applications.  Any good printmaking
printmakers paper catalog will still list most of them and give rag or
archival properties and general uses.

What you have is small gold mine most of what you have sells for seberal
doillars a sheet.  A/N/W still imports most of the fine art papers to the
U.S. and to most smaller vendors. Any good fine art paper catalog or
Prinmaking textbook like "Printmaking: History and Process by Donald Saff
and Deli Saccilotto (sp?) will list most of them.  For letter press
printing you might need a tack reducer for your ink but don't hesitate to
give them a try.


     M I C H A E L   M O R I N                M.F.A., M.L.S.

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  Buffalo  New York                  D'Youville College Library
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