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Re: various papers

>Thanks to all those who answered my inquiry re: the papers.  Perhaps you
>might also know how to use these papers in the Collection Preservation
>Unit/Mendery.  We do not deal with fine books or their repair.  The Special
>Collections also do not do this kind of work.
>I believe that the purchaser of these papers along with hand marbled (and
>signed) paper, several rolls of leather and what I believe is vellum
>intended to use all this on book restoration/repair.
>Currently, is the paper suitable for spine lining, end papers, lining of
>boxes, etc?  I know that I can use the Kiniwashi and Natsume but what is the
>lace paper used for? And the stuff with mulberry bark in it?
        Additional two cents worth."Lace" papers are used by some fancy
binders to separate certain pages in bound books and  Japanese paper with
included leaves is very much in the Japanese esthetic and may be used in
similar fashion or as a binding paper.I've never seen attempts to print on
this paper.

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