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Guillotine for sale

In response to a recent query about the availability of a guillotine for
sale, and for anyone else interested, I do know of one in Manhattan that is
being offered by someone not on the list, although it is considerably larger
that the one Hedi asked about.  Details as I know them are as follows:

"The Seybold 20th Century Cutter", made in 1911 in Dayton, Ohio. Bed size 39"
wide, blade 44", maximum paper width 39". Weight approximately 2,000 pounds.

While I do not know the selling price, I have been assured it is "very
reasonable"; however, any buyer would certainly have to count on the hefty
cost of dismantling and moving this piece of equipment!

FYI, this guillotine was in the shop of Marchetti, the edge gilders, who were
apparently not willing or able to take it with them when they vacated their
Mulberry St. premises recently. A photograph of the guillotine appears in the
New York Times Sunday July 14 1996 in an article about Marchetti in "The
City" section if you want an idea of what it looks like.

Interested parties should contact Liza Bear, 271 Mulberry Street, #6D, New
York 10012 (sorry, at the time of this posting I have temporarily misplaced
her phone number but if you are desperately interested and too impatient to
write, I can look for it.) The guillotine is in her building and she can give
you price information and show it to you if desired.

Hope this is of interest to someone!

Karen L. Crisalli/Guild of BookWorkers

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