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marbling book edges

Sally Jackson:

The general rule I've always used to arrive at a fair and acctable price of
any art work is this:

Think through the process, listing the price of ALL materials used and time
spent (at your usual price per hour). That's plan A. Then, find out how much
the current price is for similar work on the market. Just ask people their
pricing. That's plan B. Then hit it somewhere in the middle at a place that
makes you smile.   The thing is, plan A will be way too high, and you may
think plan B too low for your job or talents, so get what makes you
satisfied and seems not too much for the buyer. THEN STICK TO IT!

Good luck,



Pat Baldwin
Waterleaf Mill & Bindery
Pequeno Press
P.O.Box 1711, Bisbee AZ 85603

"All you need to get along in life is WD-40 to make things go and Duct Tape
to make them stop."

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