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Re: various papers

Hello again.

I too would be cautious with anything other than my own machine.  Over
time I've had papers get caught, etc.  I have a small Canon copier and a
HP Laserjet printer.  The fusing temperature in both is relatively low and
any materials that get stuck or jammed can generally be relatively easily
removed.  I would be cautious with any high speed machines.  For example,
I only use approved materials in the high speed fold, collate, and
mutilate machine at my office.

One other thing that I regularly run through is the mirrored mylar film
that is available from store display companies.  I believe that the trade
name is Mirroplex.  On occasion it has jammed on the fuser roller of the
copier and can be very difficult to remove without damaging the roller.
It does not work well in the Laserjet as the paper feed rollers leave a
mark on it.

Good luck.


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