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Re: Keith Smith sewings

>Date:    Thu, 3 Oct 1996 10:16:11 -0800
>From:    Joyce Jenkins <joycej@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Keith Smith sewings
>The second volume of Ketih Smith's books is devoted to 1-2-and 3 section
>sewings.  In the illustrations the holes for each section are quite far
>apart, which makes the design of the stitches very obvious.  But it seems
>to me that in real life you can't make the rows of stitches that far
>apart unless you want a very pie shaped book.  I tried one with 12 sheets
>in each section.  It did spread the pattern but it was hard to sew and
>was too bulky to really fold right.  Does anyone have any tricks or
>thoughts on this?
>Joyce Jenkins
>Petersburg Public Library
Although I have Vol 2, I haven't yet tried any of the bindings. From reading
his comments, though, I've always thought that aesthetics were a little more
important than functionality in his designs. That in itself is a whole other
topic, but it might explain your problem, at least somewhat...

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