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Re: foxing and mold

Mold can't be deafeated only controlled. The spores are EVERYWHERE (unless
you live in a hermetically sealed bubble) and wait for that wonderful
tidewater Delmarva humidity to burst into bloom. The best you can do is keep
your temperature down (relatively speaking) and run a dehumidifier. Mold
doesn't like it when it's dry. You can fumigate, but that's toxic to you and
while it may kill the mold that's on, won't keep other spores away and the
dead ones are yummy I mean fertile ground for the new.


>        Again I've written a tome, but I hope you've enjoyed it.  Please
>consider my point:  that mold can be defeated (in our books at least)
>through chemistry.  I guess DuPont rang true when its motto once was:
>"Better living through chemistry."  I shudder to think what chemistry has
>wrought, but I marvel at the ways in which it assists us in our daily
>life.  Without it, we'd be lost.
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