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I would like to toss in another $0.02 worth on the subject of scrolls as
books.  For those who like to ponder these things, the Hebrew word for
book is sefer (as RJ Miller has pointed out), but the root from which this
word is derived means also to narrate and to write as well as book and
library.  Seems to show the progression from the story to writing it down to
putting it into a useable form to stacking the forms up.  It also means to
count, but I'll let the philosophers work that one over.

Yehuda Miklaf <mfritz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Name: Maurene Fritz/Yehuda Miklaf
E-mail: mfritz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Maurene Fritz/Yehuda Miklaf)
Date: 10/08/96
Time: 08:45:56

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