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Fwd: The Book, Spiritual Instrument / The Word Made Flesh

Someone recently for this Info a while ago, & I was unable to locate the
brochure I had received.

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Date: 96-10-09 09:43:42 EDT

Granary Books announces two new publications:

1)-THE BOOK, SPIRITUAL INSTRUMENT edited by Jerome Rothenberg & David Guss.

The Book, Spiritual Instrument addresses the "ethnopoetics of the book."
Originally published as New Wilderness Letter #11 in 1982 and now long
out-of-print, this newly designed edition contains all of the original
material along with a new preface by Jerome Rothenberg.

Contents include: "Le Livre, Instrument Spirituel" by  Stéphane Mallarmé,
translated and visually interpreted by Michael Gibbs; "The Book and the
Desert/[Wilderness]" an interview with Edmond Jabès, translated by Jack
Hirschman; "The Book as an Instrument of Performance" Becky Cohen's
fold-out section of photographs of poets reading from their work; Alison
Knowles & George Quasha on The Book of Bean; "A Book" by Dick Higgins;
selections from the Popul Vuh with translation and commentary by Dennis
Tedlock; plus works by Karl Young, David Meltzer, Tina Oldknow, J. Stephen
Lansing, Eduardo Calderón, David Guss, Jed Rasula, Paul Eluard, Gershom
Scholem and Herbert Blau.

The Book, Spiritual Instrument is a welcome and important contribution to
discussions of poetics, book art and performance.

"Prefaced by Mallarmé's famous dictum that 'everything in the world exists
in order to end up as a book,' this spirited collection demonstrates the
reverse as well: everything in the book exists in order to end up in the
world. . . In a series of exemplary essays on, and demonstrations of, what
might be called the ethnopoetics of the book, books from a wide range of
cultural traditions are portrayed as radical extenders of form rather than
neutral vessels of content. The result is a vision of  books as
laboratories for the invention and performance of perceptual systems: new
worlds carved out of the wilderness of human thought and language."
-Charles Bernstein, Poet, Editor and David Gray Professor of Poetry and
Poetics, SUNY-Buffalo.

Designed by Diane Bertotlo. Paperback, smythe sewn, 160 pages, illustrated
throughout with black & white photographs. ISBN 1-887123-08-3
Price: $21.95 plus $6.00 shipping (domestic) / NY residents add appropriate
sales tax

2)-THE WORD MADE FLESH by Johanna Drucker

Calling attention to the visual materiality of the text, this book attempts
to halt linear reading, trapping the eye in a field of letters which make a
complex object on the page. The writing refers continually to the visceral
character of language, literalizing metaphors of tongue,breath, and flesh.
The work both embodies and discusses language as a physical form, one whose
properties cannot be ignored by arriving at a disembodied content.

"Unlike the avant-garde artist's book of the early century, Drucker's
doesn't boast a single illustration, a single pictorial equivalent to the
text. Rather, it is the alphabet itself that is made flesh, the letter
being seen in all its visual potential, as if to say that, desensitized as
we are by the endless billboard discourse around us, we have almost
forgotten the astonishing power of the alphabet to create human meanings."
-Marjorie Perloff, Radical Artifice

Printed offset in two colors, this is a facsimile of the original
letterpress edition (now long out-of-print) 12 1/2" wide, 10 1/2" high. 30
pp. Handbound in boards and with a two-color letterpress dust jacket
printed by the artist. ISBN 1-887123-09-1
$60 + $8 shipping (domestic)+ applicable tax for those in the state of NY.

TO ORDER contact Steve Clay at Granary Books
via Email: sclay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

a selection of other unusual books published by Granary may be seen at:

Granary Books
568 Broadway #403
New York, NY 10012
212 226-5462

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