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Re: Adhesives

At 07:05 AM 10/7/96 EDT, you wrote:
><Question 1: difference between archival and non-archival?
>An Archival Adhesive, glue or paste needs to fulfil two main criteria:
>1. To be reversible, i.e. to be able to de-laminate (normally in the
presence of
>water or heat) without leaving any trace of the adhesive, glue or paste
>originally used on the cleansed material.
>2. To be of a chemical make-up, that will not damage with time  the material
>being  stuck .  This normally means that there would be an inherent natural pH
>value of 7.0 or higher.
>Most starch based pastes and animal glues will meet the above criteria.  There
>are also several specially made Archival PVAs (poly-vinyl acetate) on the
>market, which also perform well to the above rules.

How does one delaminate PVAs, archival or not?
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