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Re: Information about Prospero's Books

On Oct 10, 1996 07:26:53, 'Uri Kolodni <kolodni@xxxxxxxxxxxx>' wrote:
>Who is this person, Tom Phillips ? Do you have some more detailes about
>and his work?

The following exhibition catalog is available from Center for Book Arts,
626 Broadway, NYC 10012:

Bookworks by Tom Phillips

Curated by Richard Minsky, this show of Phillips' original manuscripts and
small editions
bridges the boundary between book arts and artists' books. The catalog
chronicles 37 works by
the London artist from 1970 - 1986. Illustrated. 50 pp. On view at the
Center for Book Arts'
Book Arts Gallery April 3 - May 16, 1986. $10

Shipping is additional. [You may be able to order by phone with a credit
card (212) 460-9768.
This catalog has lots of color photos, particularly of _A Humument_ and
_Dante's Inferno_. Phillips translated and illustrated the Infeno and
published a spectacular limited edition of it.]

For a catalog of other CBA publications go to:

Information about his seminal work _A Humument_, with essays by such
luminaries as Marvin Sackner, is at the Tom Phillips website:

Information about his book _Where Are They Now (The Class of Forty-Seven)_
is at:

Information about the Alecto Inferno Disaster, which destroyed the original
version of _Dante's Inferno_, is in  _Minsky in London_, with photos
(Edited by Pamela Moore, 1980-- info at the URL just above). Over two years
work burned up when Editions Alecto burned down. Tom considered it a
criticism from God and started from the beginning, retranslating and
illustrating it, and this time published it himself. If you want to read
about this, copies of _Minsky in London_ may be viewed by the public at:

The Vicoria and Albert Museum, London
New York Public Library (Rare Book Room- 5th Ave./42nd St.)
National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
The Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities, Santa Monica,

Thames and Hudson subsequently published _Dante's Inferno_ in a trade
edition, and you should be able to find it in (or order it from) your local
bookstore. While you're there (or in the library) look for _Tom Phillips:
Works/Texts_, a comprehensive view of the astounding output of this
unbelievably prolific artist.



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