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Dear BookArters,

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I'm certain that all of you have a photo-album. In most of these albums a
specific paper is used for interleaving. I don't know the exact term in
English (nor could I find it in various glossary's) but something like
cobweb-paper or cobwed-embossed paper should describe the paper in a certain
way. It is a semi-translucent paper with cobweb-like patterns embossed into it.

The question is: why is this motive (spider and web) used for this
particular application (photo-albums), who invented/introduced it, and, in
general, what's the story behind this ??

Anything on this subject is welcome, so feel free and answer me.

Cor Knops.
        Knops Boekrestauratie
        Conservation & Restoration of Books and Paper
        Groenstraat 8
        6151 CS  Munstergeleen
        The Netherlands
        tel/fax: +31 46 4200024
        e-mail corknops@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (after 13-10-96 knops@xxxxxxxxx)
        url http://www.worldaccess.nl/~corknops (after 13-10-96

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