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Re: Adhesives

On Oct 10, 1996 05:21:13, '"Rupert N. Evans" <r-evans4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>'

>How does one delaminate PVAs, archival or not?

I wish a conservation technician would answer this.

The problem seems to be that unless you know which of the several thousand
PVAs it is, it's guesswork. I have  used heat to delaminate Elvace 1874 and
1875, and I believe it was Xylene or Toluene to remove Jade 403. But some
of the PVA mixes that people make as "conservation mix" are more
complicated to remove. Methyl Cellulose is a common addiive, which is water
reversible, but seems to be bonded or encapsulated into the PVA, which is
not "easily" water reversible, though I have found  that long immersion in
water does release some PVA bonds.

This is an interesting area of knowledge, and it would be very useful to
have a list of commonly used PVAs and PVA mixes, with the methods for
reversing them. Not just for conservators and restorers. As a bookbinder
and artist, it would be a great help to me. One of the reasons I use flour
paste for so many things is that if I make a mistake or change my mind
about something it's easy to reverse and correct. I used to use other PVAs
like R131 and 1101 for different applications, but they have become harder
to find.

Does anyone know of a "current" list of adhesives, with suppliers, chemical
and physical properties, applications, and methods of reversing? It would
certainly be a useful document!

One person whom I would suspect of knowing this information would be Daniel
Kelm.  Hey Dan-- are you on this list?


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