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Re: cyanotype

Patricia Grass wrote:
> Has anyone worked with this print making technique? We are doing a
> collaborative book and are experimenting with cyanotype as our method of
> "printing" the book. Some directions we have say the paper should be sized
> while others say the opposite. One source suggests you develope
the print with a sunlamp but we're having a hard time tracing down a
>sunlamp--lawsuits have driven them off the market it seems. Has
anyone >found another light source for development.

        Any good source of ultraviolet light will work. Sunlamps
aren't really very efficient, they just used to be readily

>One source says that finished cyanotypes are sensitive to fingers
>touching them--can effect
>the print. This is not good
> for a book which is meant to be fingered. Does anyone have any
>experience with this?

        I'm not sure what process you're using, what I'm used to, we
just used photographic fixer, and an incredibly long wash bath to
stabilize the prints.

>Several of our first experiments developed an image on exposure to
>light but the image washed away in the rinse bath. All comments are
>gratefully welcomed.

Hope this helps.



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