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Re: cyanotype

Cyanotype is the original blueprint process and is very stable and long
lasting (unlike contemporary blueprint processes).  There are any number
of books out that detail ways of using the process, the formula to use to
make the chemicals (easy but somewhat toxic to skin), and procedures.  I
am just doing a rush check of email and don't have time to respond in
detail.  A classic book on the subject of cyanotype and other alternative
processes is "The Keepers of Light", another good source for beginners is
Bea Nettles' book that, I think, is called "A photo-media cookbook".  In
short, cyanotype is a beautiful,  long lasting process.  As to sizing, I
usually size any material (arrowroot, spray starch, etc.) or use a sized
material as this means that less chemical is used and the images are
generally sharper.  Images on cloth will NOT wash out.  I have even used
the emulsion on hand-made paper which I then dry (in the dark), expose,
and then wash on a window screen under a gentle water flow due to the
delicate nature of some of the papers that I use.

Liquid light is fun stuff but can be tricky to use.  There is a new,
competing product out (sorry, I can't remember the name or manufacturer)
that I think may be more forgiving.

Let me know if more information is needed from me and I'll try to find
time in an insane schedule to provide it.


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