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Re: Adhesives

>acetone softens some pvas to the point where you can remove them
>from paper surfaces

A lot depends on how the PVA was applied. If it was thinned and soaked into
the paper fibers, there will always be a residual. Also if the paper is
particularly absorbent. If there is image on the page a small area of image
needs to be tested to see if the solvent affects it. It does no good to
remove the image with the adhesive (unless, of course, that's the goal, as
is sometimes done with paintings on rotting canvas or crumbling acid paper,
where the image is peeled off onto a temporary carrier and readhered to a
new canvas or paper backing).

Also: I received e-mail from a listmember in Massachusetts who will be
seeing Dan Kelm today, and will pass on the query. Hopefully we will get a
posting of his response.



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