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Stone Books

Subscribers in the New York City area will enjoy checking out the stone book
sculptures of Wolfgang and Anna Kubach-Wilmsen currently on display at the
Peter Findlay Gallery (41 E 57th Street (off 5th Avenue), (212) 644-4433,
http://www.findlay.com).  What I found striking about them is their softness.
 Some appear to be limp bindings and others to have been casually tossed
aside.  There is an irresistible desire to touch, and an overwhelming urge to
overcome the impossible and turn the pages.

As part of our on-going discussion of what constitutes "bookness", here are
some observations on the stone books (from the gallery brochure):

"Wolfgang and Anna Kubach-Wilmsen, the husband wife sculptor team, add one
more dimension to this abundance of paper, leather and printer's ink: stone
...they combine the oldest and most basic component of our Earth with the
intellectural urge and cultrual achievement of mankind.  They create
mysticafusion of matter and spirit, and their sculptures radiate quiet
permanence." --George Staempfli

"One can read a stone-book like a book; its structure, its grain, its
colours, the history of its fissures, and scars are the content.  One reads
not only with one's eyes, but, so to speak, with his sense of touch."
--Jurgen Morschel

"A book is held in the hand and read by the eyes.  A stone-book is held by
the eyes and read by the hand." --Ann-Maria Kubach-Wilmsen

"Books are coffins or chests of human information.  Stone-books are witnesses
of their own origins long ago and now."  Kubach-Wilmsens

I hope you get the chance to see these books.  Ed (Hutchins)

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