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Re: various papers

>difficult to get the registration correct for leaves with text both sides

Certainly a problem with a photocopier. I use an inkjet printer for
replacing missing leaves. I scan a secondary copy of the missing page into
a bitmap editor, clean it up, then print it on handmade paper (I have had
Dieu Donne make paper for a specific book. If you're in the midwest, I'd
suggest Tim Barrett, or your favorite local hand paper master). Ink jet
prints on almost anything, including thick, rough paper. I use an Epson
Stylus 1000, which taks a 16 1/2" wide sheet any length, and prints a 13
1/2" wide image (black only). The ink density is software controllable.
Peculiarly, the results appear similar to letterpress on some papers, as
the moisture in the ink causes the paper fibers to expand into the paper,
giving an impression that is slightly raised on the *back* of the sheet. I
spray the printed sheet with a fixative to reduce the possibility of ink

Registration is easier than on a copier, as the printer has paper feed
controls which allow the positioning of the paper with increments of 1/220"
(about .005").



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