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Re: various papers

One of the things to also consider is that almost all copiers reduce, by
default, the image by 2%, meaning that if you use a copy, you may have to
increase the size by 4% to compensate. Since not all copiers are exactly the
same though, it's a good idea to experiment. I learned while working with
Bill Minter on a 1st ed. of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales which had about 60+pp
chewed up by a furry woodland creature. The library which commissioned the
work provided (bad) copies of the missing text which we had to clean up as
well... Very time consuming but very rewarding. We copied onto Sekishu which
we fed through the copier using a piece of paper with a fold along the top
edge into which we slipped the Japanese paper. NO JAMS.


At 08:45 AM 10/14/96 +0000, you wrote:
>In reply to the query from Stacey@xxxxxxxxxxxx I have passed handmade papers,
>such as Falkiner's Age Compatible Paper and Bodelian Toned Laid (which were
>available here in the UK) through an ordinary photocopier.  This has been
>necessary to restore missing leaves in books I have rebound.  The British
>Library provided the copy, which was used as a secondary master.   It can be
>expensive if the sheet is not carefully placed, it is also more difficult to
>get the registration correct for leaves with text both sides as the paper
>sometimes cockles!   It is best to practice with ordinary copier paper first to
>get the registration correct.  The result is very good,  even if the 'ink'
>looks too black perhaps.   I have not tried the thicker handmade papers yet for
>replacing missing engravings.   There might be a problem with some older
>copiers where a metal drum is used to transfer the image  -  the clearance may
>not be sufficient,  and the paper may tend to jam.
>Rodney Fry ,   rod.fry@xxxxxxxx

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