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Re: Adhesives, Reversible PVA

On 11 Oct at 13: 50  Richard at http://www.minsky.com asked the question:

>.....  Does anyone know of a "current" list of adhesives, with suppliers,
>and physical properties, applications, and methods of reversing? It would
>certainly be a useful document!  .....
  I purchased in 1994 from Falkiner's Fine Papers in London a 500cc tub of
WS3978 Reversible PVA Adhesive,
which I think goes under the trade name of Tenaxatex.  I believe it is or was
from Williams Adhesives, now National Starch & Chemicals Ltd.

I have looked in my 1994 copy of the Society of Archivists 'Directory of
Suppliers' (mainly UK, but some abroad), it suggests three UK sources for PVA:

J Hewitt & Sons Ltd,
T:  0181 965 5377
F:  0181 453 0414

Interlock Adhesives
Hospital House, Hill End House, Harefield, Middx, UB9  6JH
T:  01895 825911
F:  01895 278941

National Starch & Chemical Ltd
669, Galvin Rd, Slough, Berks SL1  4DF
T:  01753 524343
F:  01753 539338

These may not be up to date (1994!).  There are no doubt other sources out

Rodney Fry,
England,     <rod.fry@xxxxxxxx>

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