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Re: "The Archaeology of Bookbinding"


The citation I quoted was from amazon.com, with which I've registered to
receive notice of new books on bookbinding as they become available. I've
had several notices from them since I did a search of their list a few
months ago which identified 87 titles on the subject. The notice of Prof.
Szirmai's book arrived yesterday. Perhaps Scolar is printing it now, if
they intend to distribute next month. If you haven't used Amazon.com it's a
remarkable virtual bookstore. They have virtually everything!

They don't stock much. It seems to be a searchable online _Books in Print_.
I assume they order the books from the publisher like your local bookstore
does when they get an order.  It's a secure server setup. Their robot does
a good job at updating by e-mail with new titles on various search
parameters. They also have online reviews by anybody. You can submit a
review online.  Here's the complete e-mail I got from them:

Hi, as per your request, we at Amazon.com Books are notifying you of
new books matching the following criteria:

      keywords include "bookbinding", or  subjects include

The new books are listed at the end of this message.  If you're
interested in any of these books you can order them online at

     Your most humble automated search agent,

          Amazon.com Books

P.S.  Please don't forget that Amazon.com Books has over one million
titles for you to choose from, many discounted 10 to 40 percent off
the list price.  If you have any online friends who might enjoy
Amazon.com Books, we'd really appreciate you spreading the word!
Thank you!

"The Archaeology of Bookbinding"



List: $85.95 -- Amazon.com Price: $85.95

Publisher: Scolar Pr
Binding: Hardcover
Expected publication date: November 1996
ISBN: 0859679047
URL: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ISBN=0859679047



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