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Paper Bound Exhibit

I've just now gotten around to viewing the web page for this exhibit.  Being
a papermaker, I yearned to touch the sheets described and ached to smell the
leathers and woods used.   I had to suffice with the wonderful photographs
taken of the work.

Being somewhat nieve as to what can be done in bookbinding, I was awed and
smitten.  Hmmm, bookbinding workshop next on the agenda?

I think I found myself salvitating at one point ... if any of you out there
haven't seen it yet - please go, it's worth the time it takes (15 mins. -
1/2 hr.)  For those of you who deleted or didn't get the address it is:


Colette Johnson-Vosberg
Hand Papermaker
Hampton, NB, Canada
Colette Johnson-Vosberg

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