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Permanence of duplicating paper

I have been examining the Lord Chamberlain's Plays archive at the Britsh
Library, and have noticed that the majority of the 1968 playscripts were
duplicated using Gestetner machines and other such processes.

I am now wondering about the paper that the Gestetner duplicators used:

  * Was it a special paper designed to withstand the harsh duplication
  * What is the permanence of this type of paper?
  * How long might one expect such paper to last before it starts to degenerate?
  * Are there any conservation issues involved with the storage of such paper?

(As an aside, what were the duplicating processes that were in use at this time?
Gestetner I know is one; is raneography [sp?] another? What about xeroxography?
I have vague --- but fond --- recollections of Gestetner from my early days at
school in the early 1970s, and the smell of metho ...)

Many thanks,

Iain Brown

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