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Library and Archives Security

Suggested International guidelines for Library and Archives Security,
a result of review and compilation of replies. Office of Protection
and services Training Smithsonian Institution Washington DC

-Duty to protect
-Foreseeability of loss
-Adequacy of protection
-Fire and Emergency protection
-Physical barrier and lock and key security
-Security duties and security staff
-Personal access and parcel control
-Security alarms and electronics
Appendix A:Security staff qualifications
Appendix B:Institution staff screening guidelines.

For more information or a copy of the guidelines contact:
ICOMs (International Committee on Museum Security: the ICOM website
can be reached via http://www.xs4all.nl/~cremers/museum.html ) attn of
Mr. David Liston Protection Training Officer Smithsonian Institution
922 955 L'Enfant Plaza Suite P105 Washington, DC 20560 USA e-mail:

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