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Paper Bound at the University of Rochester

Paper Bound Publicity Release by the University of Rochester Libraries

The University of Rochester Rush Rhess Library is proud to announce that it
will serve as the only New York site for the 1996 Guild of Book Workers
nationally travel ling exhibit, Paper Bound. This year's exhibit will
display the work of 21 handbinders who have created unique bindings for
Peter and Donna Thomas' "A Collection of Papers from Hand Papermills in the
United States of America."

This is the third exhibit of its kind host by the Guild. Previous years's
exhibits were entitled "Bound to Vary (for which 15 binders each bound a
letterpress edition of Melville's Billy Budd by Ben and Deborah Alterman)
and "Fine Printers Finely Bound, Too (a thematic exhibit of 47 bindings of
North American letterpress books).

Established in 1906, the Guild of Book Workers is comprised of artisans
involved in various aspects of the book arts -- binding, calligraphy,
printing, papermaking, and marbling. This years' exhibit effectively and
beautifully showcases the talents of the hand bookbinder, the papermaker and
the fine printer.

The exhibit opens November 4th and runs until December 23rd. The Rush Rhees
Library hours are 9AM - 9PM Monday - Friday, 10AM - 6PM on Saturday, and
12PM - 6 PM on Sunday. For more information contact Richard Peek, University
Libraries Preservation Department, (716) 275-9285 or email at
<RPEK@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>. You can also visit the exhibit online at

The exhibit is FREE and open to the public.

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