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Rare Books & Manuscripts Librarianship

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_Rare Books & Manuscripts Librarianship_ (RBML) is the journal of theory
and practice covering all aspects of special collections librarianship.
If you are looking for thoughtful discussion of special collections
issues, or for an informed audience for your own ideas, consider RBML.

RBML solicits essays on collection development, preservation and
conservation, public relations, fund raising, research use, the politics
of building and administering special collections, organizing and
describing collections, ethical and legal issues, automation, trends in
the rare book market, the impact of electronic communication and data
storage on the rare book and manuscript world, and other topics.

Topics of recent articles include: working with friends of the library
to augment staff resources; security from water and fire damage,
biological agents, theft, and vandalism; pricing scarce and rare books
and manuscripts;
collecting Western Americana; and educating and training special
collections librarians.

Those writing for RBML may include special collections librarians,
faculty and students in library schools, preservation officers and
conservation technicians, booksellers, collectors, researchers who use
the collections, and anyone else who handles, cares for, produces, or is
otherwise involved with rare books and manuscripts. Submissions may
include articles, presentations from relevant conferences, or book
reviews. A $1000 RBML Award is given biannually for the best article
published in the previous two years.

RBML aims to inform its readers about current issues and research in the
field. Its book reviewers react thoughtfully to recent publications
relevant to rare books and manuscripts curatorship. It focuses on
librarianship, but may include discussion of the relationship between
the rare book trade and libraries. It includes advertisements by
specialist booksellers in many fields.

RBML is an independent ACRL publication, issued twice a year since 1986.
You will receive it only if you subscribe. Do join in the discussion;
subscribe and, if you can, contribute.

Subscription rates: $30 per year (U.S.); $35 (Canada, Mexico, or other
PUAS countries); $45 (other foreign countries). Selected back issues are
available; for details, write to the subscription address below.

TO SUBSCRIBE: Write to RBML Subscriptions, c/o _Choice_ Magazine, 100
Riverview Center, Middletown, CT. 06457-3445.

TO SUBMIT: Send your manuscript to the Editor: Sidney E. Berger,
University of California, Special Collections, University Library, P.O.
Box 5900, Riverside, California 92517-5900. Instructions for authors and
further information on submission of manuscripts are included in volume
8, no. 2. Copies of books submitted for review should be sent to the
Book Review Editor: Sidney F. Huttner, The University of Tulsa Library,
2933 East 6th St., Tulsa, OK. 74104-3189.

TO PLACE AN ADVERTISEMENT: Contact Stuart Foster, Advertising Sales
Manager, _Choice_, 100 Riverview Center, Middletown, CT. 06457, tel.
(860) 347-1387.


Margaret Nichols
Div. of Rare and Manuscript Collections
2B60 Kroch Library
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY. 14853-5302
Tel. (607) 255-3530
E-mail mnr1@xxxxxxxxxxx

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