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A Printing Press in the Living Room

The following was asked on the Letterpress Discussion List:

>Since nothing is going on, I will ask another one of my press-in-the-house
>logistics questions: i'm curious to know what kind of ventilation systems
>folks have for dealing w/ solvent fumes, &c? (I'm thinking the usual sort of
>fan & open window trick might not be effective enough when coping w/ having
>this stuff in your own home...) How much did you spend to install what you
>have? What about other factors like noise, maintenance, &c. &c. (As some of
>you may recall I have been contemplating the idea of putting a press in my
>living room; the last question I asked had to do w/ reinforcing the floors, &
>generated quite a lot of activity on this list!)
>Thanks in advance for all advice...
>Indigo Som
>bitchy buddha press

I replied:

Three important questions are:

1) What kind of solvents are you using?
2) How often do you print?
3) How big is your room?
        3a) How well ventilated is it already?

OK ... four questions ;-)

It really isn't a good idea though, if you have a choice.
I'll forward the question to the Book_Arts-L (I know there are members in
common) but I'm sure there will be some health & safety concerns.
Cheers, Richard.

Any comments?

Richard Miller
Abraxas/Peppermint Press
Editor, CBBAG Newsletter
**Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild on the Web**

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