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Re: Permanence of duplicating paper (A major digresssion)

At 11:55 AM 10/30/96 -0600, you wrote:
>Thus the arguement about outdated formats
>being unreadable at a later date holds little water.

Actually; no.  It holds great oceans of water.  The National Archives holds
tons of electronically recorded media that cannot now be read.  So does the
NASA archives.

Why?  Because it costs serious money to purchase and maintain new equipment
every few years, and to transfer the data between media series.  It costs
considerable time and money to track which record(s) are on which media and
need re-recording.

Another hazard; a friend of mine has an extensive library of video tapes on
BETA tapes.  For several years now he has been re-recording to VHS.  The job
is far from complete...  The hitch? BETA VCR's and their parts are all but
unavailable.  Will the job be complete before the last BETA VCR dies?  We
don't know.

Derek L.

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