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Re: Permanence of duplicating paper (A major digresssion)

Daria wrote:
> weaponry would erase all info from digital type storage, right ? And
> microfishce and other photofilm storage would be more minimally marred.

  There are various types of digital storage. Optical storage, as in
CD-ROM, WORM, etc, is extremely stable and will only change if you use a
laser directly on the disk. Hardrives, floppies, and tapes are subject
to electromagnetic energy, of course, but not as much as you would
think. An EMP weapon would have to be tremendously large and very close
to bother them. What they are used for is trashing the chips in the
hardware, which are more susceptible since they have "antennae" -- or at
least connections to powerlines which carry the pulse. And you can
protect even sensitive hardware be simply enclosing it in a metal box,
like a microwave oven.
   One thing that seems to be forgotten in discussions of digital vs.
film archives is the purpose of archives --- they are pretty useless if
you can't access them. Film lasts, yes, but only if you don't use it.
Start running it thru a reader and it soon becomes scratched. Plus it
can only be accessed, essentially by one person at a time, while digital
can, thru a network, be accessed by the world -- and it doesn't get
scratched. 8-)

Harmon Seaver hseaver@xxxxxxx hseaver@xxxxxxxxxxx
The fundamental delusion of humanity is that I am in here -- and you
are out there.
Copyright, Harmon F. Seaver, 1996. License to distribute this post is
available to Microsoft for US$1,000 per instance, or local equivalent.

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