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Re: Permanence of duplicating paper (A major digresssion)

>Peter Verheyen wrote:
> issues. CD's will not be acceptable for long term storage because of
>> short life span, estimated at about 10+ years. That aside, for the
>    That's a pretty low estimate, perhaps someone mixed up CD's with
>tape or floppy medium, which are about 7-10 years. Optical should last
>much, much longer, at least 25 years, probably more -- but we have no
>way of knowing yet.

No, I read this too, and in a respectable authoratative article. CDs
can't be relied upon to last longer than 15 years at most, due to the
plasticity of the ...well, plastic. Don't forget that the corruption of
even one "bit" could ruin large swathes of data, especially if
compression is involved.

Archival CDs do exist apparently, and they are made of glass. They
are reckoned to reliably last for around 100 years. Whether anyone
will still be making CD players then is another matter. And I don't
suppose anyone will have managed by then to eliminate the bugs from
Windows CD drivers either.

Tim Sheppard                   tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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