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Re: A Printing Press in the Living Room

On Thu, 31 Oct 1996, Daria wrote:

> Dear Indigo Sam:  Just a comment on fans and ventilation for acid/solvent
> fumes.  Many times fans are placed in the wall above the head of the
> worker - even in some hoods ( metal canopies which supposedly keep the
> fumes from spreading into the room ).  However, if you are starting from
> scratch I suggest that the greatest area of suction of air & fumes be placed
> at working level about 12 inches above the work surface.  This gets the
> fumes out directly and in a hurry before they get to your NOSE !

Fume hoods should always be located to pull the contaminated air AWAY
from the user.  Up draft hoods are ok for a stove but are deadly when
improperly used with solvents.  An updraft fume hood draws the bad air
into your face where your lungs can draw it all in.


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