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Re: foxing

On 25 Oct at 17:11 the message was received;

>What is foxing.
>How can it be prevented.
>How can it be reversed.
>Thanks in advance

>From some notes I have there was  a paper by Ligertink, Porck and Smit, "Foxing
Stains and Discolouration of Leaf Margins and Paper surrounding Printing Ink:
Elements of a complex phenomenon in books", The Paper Conservator, p.45 , Vol
15, 1991.   There were also some earlier papers in the same journal and
elsewhere I am sure .  It appears to have various origins.
I have successfully reduced the effect with a light calcium hypochlorite
bleach, but this may not always be a recommended procedure in every situation.
 No doubt there are other subscribers more familiar with dealing with the

Rodney Fry
Berks, England

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