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Inkjet Printer Updates Wanted

Dear List Friends,
        About six months ago, we had a short discussion on this list about
inkjet printer technology, archival inks, etc. I have this discussion
saved, but in the spirit of our changing techology world, I'd like to open
the discussion again and see if there's any new experience out there.
        Specifically, I'd like to produce a small edition on an inkjet,
probably an Epson Stylus (with Postscript) hooked up to a Mac.
        1. Has anyone had experience with Epson Stylus printers or others?
        2. I've heard that Epson uses special paper and that quality
degrades when using other paper. I've used all sorts of paper in a Hewlett
Packard inkjet that have come out just fine. Anyone have experience with
what kinds of paper give the best quality, esp. for photographs and type?
        3. Any updates on ink permanence?
        I'd love to hear of people's experiences, good or bad, with this
technology. Thanks!
_Marcia Ciro

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