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Re: Permanence of duplicating paper (A major digresssion)

"The fundamental reality of our human-ness is that we are all Harmon Raven",
sayeth the great Yogi Banananananda, "with but a thread of suchness that
flows from our beak out of the black stillness of our mind; like the poem --
thrown wistfully away by an angry young poet fraught with disillusion on the
quay, calling out in anguish to the setting sun to Stop! and no longer
recede from this receding world, to remain and grant him only one more
moment of the light that gives him peace, to offer him one last desperate
chance in his quest for the elusive Word, for the simple grace of such a
flowing of suchness as might fill his void and vanquish him from his mortal
plight of tortured inhumanity, self and sea-- a poem, floating in the wind
in its release from captivity, its beauty and meaning never realized by the
one whose beak bespoke to the universe for them, only to be restored unto
another as it flutters down before them upon the strand, surrendered into
the gentle care of one holding the vision to see and proclaim with an
unending cry what that poet could not see within his own self-uncherishable
lines, for what they truly were in their essence and serenity -- what a
perfect garnish for this gull's tea-time fry."

Hmph--*Ahem*--I've begun talking to myself again...



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