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Re: Inkjet Printer Updates Wanted (& a sidebar)

Dear List:

I have nothing to add concerning inkjet printers, but thought I'd ask a
semi-related question. I am currently searching for a  new laser printer
which can handle paper sizes at least 11" x 17", preferably allowing full
bleed on those, and which would have a resolution of at least 600 x 600 dpi,
although 1000 x 1000 or better would be preferred. I am learning a little
about Xante printers, some of which seem to fill the bill. But I'm also
wondering about others. Does anybody have any information or experience?
Either e-mail me directly at chax@xxxxxxxxxxxx, or if you think the rest of
the list might be interested, that's OK with me, too.

And it's nice to be back on this list and on e-mail & The Net after nearly 3
months absence. Hello to all my friends here, particularly to friends left
in Minnesota and to new & old ones here in Arizona.

all best,

charles alexander

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