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Re: Inkjet Printer Updates Wanted

A reopening of discussion on inkjet printing is always welcome. I use the
Epson Stylus Color II and the Epson Pro XL.  I believe both to be
excellent printers with their 720 ppi printing.  I have used many kind of
paper in the printer, Lana Royale, Stonehenge, Rives BFK,
Heavyweight and Lightweight all work wonderfully as do many others.  For
photographs I've used Somerset Satin and Arches 88 (made for screen printing)
and Derwent Ivory Board, a double sided 225gsm paper with a very smooth
surface which comes in a pad.  This board makes beautiful photographic
images.  I've also found the Epson inks to be mostly waterproof. Spraying
the final image with Krylon Acrylic matte will insure this and leave no
trace that it was used. Another neat feature of the Epson Stylus is that
you can print an accordian book on a sheet 39" long.  I've used Pagemaker
to set up books to print this way.

As to permanance, who really knows at this state.  That is not the number
one concern when making art, it falls behind content and form somewhere.
By using rag papers or buffered ones, I hope the ink lasts as long as the
I don't work for Epson, really, I just have found all kinds of uses for
their excellent printers.
Mary Bookwalter

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