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Re: Inkjet Printer Updates Wanted

On Mon, 4 Nov 1996, Jack C. Thompson wrote:

> Mary, et. al.,
> (big chunks cut out)
> >As to permanance, who really knows at this state.  That is not the number
> >one concern when making art, it falls behind content and form somewhere.
> >Mary Bookwalter
> >gmbookwa@xxxxxxxxx
> Sorry to have to disagree with this premise.  For me, as a conservator,
> lack of concern for permanence only holds true for things which will not be
> sold or traded for goods/services.
> If you take money for it, you have an obligation to either insure that what
> you sell will be around for a reasonable length of time, or to explain to
> the purchaser that the art is ephemeral.
> Jack
> Jack C. Thompson
> Thompson Conservation Lab.
> 7549 N. Fenwick
> Portland, OR  97217
> www.teleport.com/~tcl
I aggree.  I find it odd that an artist would bother to use 100% rag
paper but then claim not to be concerned about the longevity of their
work.  Why make it in the first place?  When looking at Leonardo's
original drawings I marvel at the fact that they are still with us, and
of course that ANYONE would alow me to be close enough to see them.  To
see work like that will change you life and perhaps your attitude about
the materials you use.


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