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Re: Inkjet Printer Updates Wanted

Re fading inks and other dire effects of time and light,

On Tue, 5 Nov 1996, Michael E. Morin (among others) maintained:

> I find it odd that an artist would bother to use 100% rag
> paper but then claim not to be concerned about the longevity of their
> work.  Why make it in the first place?  When looking at Leonardo's
> original drawings I marvel at the fact that they are still with us, and
> of course that ANYONE would alow me to be close enough to see them.  To
> see work like that will change you life and perhaps your attitude about
> the materials you use.

Well, yet, but - how about all those color photographs, films, videotapes,
dying even as they are born?  How about dance, music and theatre, where
ephemerality, in the sense of the uncapturable moment, is part of the
point (recordings notwithstanding)?  How about all those wonderful
Caucasian carpets made with aniline dyes which have faded to grey/beige
after 50 years?  Or for that matter (since aniline dyes were a BAD
mistake), Oriental carpets in general, which were meant to be walked on,
even most of the highest-art among them?  And even fine jewelry, which
scratches, wears, chips, even corrodes?  And even bronze statues and
stone cathedrals, which dissolve, as mountains do too, over time.

"My name is Ozymandias, King of King!
Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair..."
(sorry if I misquote - my memory is also rusty and ephemeral  $:-)

There is a midrash (traditional Jewish interpretation) that we may use
only real candles for Channukah because they partly symbolize human life,
which burns brightly at the expense of its fuel, until it is gone.  Even
with art, if we imagine immortality we delude ourselves (yes, I dream of
it too...).  Not that we shouldn't do our best so that, with some of our
works, we might hope to inspire someone a few hundred years from now, but
some things that are short-lived are still worth doing.
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