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Re: Inkjet Printer Updates Wanted

       My assistant brought up an interesting question I could not answer.
  Maybe someone else here can.
       We use scalpels and of course scalpel blades in our book repair
  operation.  He happened to notice on a new blade wrapper that it says
  Now I ordered these and didn't even think about looking at the wrapper.
  Is there anything we should know about in storing or using these items?
  I am assuming that it is low level radiation, but of course any time
  RADIATION is mentioned you wonder.
       The other thing that is strange about this is on the outside it says
  to read caution on outer container.  We never received an outer cover.

  Brian D. McKinney
  Bindery and Conservation Technician
  Bernard Becker Medical Library
  Washington University
  St. Louis, MO.

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