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Re: Inkjet Printer Updates Wanted

On Mon, 4 Nov 1996, Jack C. Thompson wrote:

> Mary, et. al.,
> (big chunks cut out)
> >As to permanance, who really knows at this state.  That is not the number
> >one concern when making art, it falls behind content and form somewhere.
> >Mary Bookwalter
> >gmbookwa@xxxxxxxxx
> Sorry to have to disagree with this premise.  For me, as a conservator,
> lack of concern for permanence only holds true for things which will not be
> sold or traded for goods/services.
> If you take money for it, you have an obligation to either insure that what
> you sell will be around for a reasonable length of time, or to explain to
> the purchaser that the art is ephemeral.
> Jack
> Jack C. Thompson
> Thompson Conservation Lab.
> 7549 N. Fenwick
> Portland, OR  97217
> www.teleport.com/~tcl
Hello Jack,
Good to get your response.  I agree that permanance is important in items
for sale, however that too is not my main purpose in making art.
Materials in works which I intend to sell are identified as permanant or
not so.  I am merely saying that much of art is meant for the here and
now, that I intend to continue to produce work over the years,and if new
technologies will make some of that work last longer, fine.  The
important thing is to do the work.


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