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Who can help?????

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Date:          Mon, 28 Oct 1996 10:10:36 +0000
From:          "Ing. Daniel Adri=E1n Lodi" <lodi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Organization:  fecotel - Centro de Conservaci=F3n del Libro
To:            cremers@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject:       Could you help us?

Dear Collegue:
My name is Ing. Daniel Adri=E1n Lodi, I am specialist in digital
restauration ,and I working for the Center of Conservation of Book
from Argentina.
This Institution is a ONG that works help to other Lybreries,Museums,etc
of Argentina without economical help of this, and sametimes thanks to
I was on September 94 in the MCN94 in Washington DC thanks a grants of
P.Getty Ahip for my job in the Convent of San Carlos (this place was the
firts battle for the free of Argentina, Chile and Peru of Spain by the
Gral.Jos=E9 de San Mart=EDn).This work was publicated in the sourcebook
And now I wish to have same of right but brief information about paper
and leather damages in books and the difference between materials and
contaminants of  XV century and XX century, or perhaps if you could tell
me if there is any books of a brief publication that the I can buy, or
best if there is any location of WWW in Internet that I can see of this
The team of the this Center is formed for Engeniers, Photografs, Masters
in History and Curators.
Please, how last effort, say me if you know in this moments if there is
any grants about Multimedia and Interactive Museums, and that I shold be
If you need more information about us, please e-mail me.
Thank you very much, and I am sorry by my terrible english.

Ing. Daniel Adri=E1n Lodi. Ibarlucea 554. granadero baigorria. Santa Fe.
CP:2152. Argentina.
e-mail: lodi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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