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focus on content

Patty:  i am quite embaressed to write after all this time.  This
starting a business takes *so* much time.  I keep thinking, "well, I must
have it under control by now" and then, bam, I'm flat on my face.

Is there any way to still send a prospectus for a workshop at the focus
conference.  I will swear on my mother's grave (and she really is
deceased) to send an outline immeditately if there's still time.  If not,
I certainly understand, as this is *all* my fault and I will try to fit
in at another time.

Your class that has to design a book sounds good.  How long a class is
it?  Will the students be doing an edition or will they be

I hope all is well for you and that you get lots of responses about
copyright.  I'm sorry I don't have anything specific to share on that.


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