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Re: Permanence in General (Was: Inkjet Printer Updates Wanted)

A couple of points:

First of all I had always thought that it was rather suspiciously
coincidental that old materials and methods appeared to be generally
archival. It seems that that may actually be the case to some extent,
though of course we have only surviving specimens from which to judge.
Perhaps someone with more knowledge in this area could venture an opinion.

Secondly, one of the major points of contention here seems to be whether
art is a thing you do or a thing you make. Certainly it is both, though I
would bet that artists, people who make art, would tend somewhat more
toward the process side of this question.

Of course when you are discussing the archival quality of digitally
produced products you have to consider that you are dealing with an
industry that tends to consider a medium archival if it can just be removed
from the computer.

Finally there has been an interesting discussion of this subject in the
periodical Art Calendar in the last few issues, with numerous articles pro
and con on the suitability of inkjet printing as a medium for art. If
people are interested I'll try to find some time to summarize what's said

Personally, I hope to make my bid for immortality in the area of
typography...Let's see...Goudy was 46 when he made his first typeface that
gives me a couple of more years to get started...


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