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Permanence or Art immortal?

>From the CHronicle of Higher Ed.


  A glance at the November issue of "Art in America":

  Many art historians and other people view art as immortal. Gary
  Schwartz, an art historian, contends they are misinformed. "The
  natural condition of art is not to live on but to perish --
  usually sooner, almost inevitably later." He urges art
  historians to face the mortality of art. He explains that art
  is lost through many means, including "ruthless" disregard by
  curators, lack of interest in one generation's art by
  succeeding generations, a robust market in stolen art, and the
  failure of successful cultures to preserve the art of those
  they have conquered. Dr. Schwartz also challenges the notion
  that the art that survives is the best of its kind. He quotes
  the modernist artist Marcel Duchamp, who said that only
  mediocre art had been passed down through the ages. Dr.
  Schwartz contends that society today is no different than those
  of the past, destroying more art than it preserves and
  overlooking what future generations may consider significant.
  "We may exert ourselves to preserve old master paintings and
  drawings," he writes, "but what about the art and artifacts of
  our own age? Should the 21st century decide that the greatest
  contribution of the 20th century to world art was early
  television and industrial design, we will not be thanked for
  the way we preserved it." (The magazine may be found at your
  library or newsstand.)

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