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Anyone want to help this person. Please resond directly to her at
<ospore@xxxxxxxxxx> I suggested Iowa, Idaho, Alabama and CBA. I know there
are others but...


>Below is the result of your feedback form.
>It was submitted by  (ospore@xxxxxxxxxx) on Wed Nov  6 09:30:04 EST 1996
>MailFormRealName:  Odessa Spore
>MailFormUserEmail:  ospore@xxxxxxxxxx
>comments:  I was pleasently surpriced to discover how much was on the net
about book arts. I've just graduated from the Nova Scotia collage of art and
>Most of my work was in book from, something I call the transformed book. I
take old books and by cuting, pasting, drawing over the exciting test create
a Transformed Book.
>I would like to learn more about Book binding, paper and the history of the
Book.I'm looking for an MFA porgrame in books arts or a place that I could
study book arts along with continueing to make art.
>So I'm looking for a list of such programes. By the way it is very
difficult to read the "Book Arts Link" I think it has something to do with
the gray doted background.Thank you for all your work in puting this out
>URL Type:  ( Site Profile )

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