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Re: Permanence in General (Was: Inkjet Printer Updates Wanted)

At 08:14 AM 11/6/96 -0400, Alan Hayes wrote:
>Secondly, one of the major points of contention here seems to be whether
>art is a thing you do or a thing you make. Certainly it is both, though I
>would bet that artists, people who make art, would tend somewhat more
>toward the process side of this question.
I am an artist, and, while I know that there are people who believe that
art is whatever artists do, or that the process is the most important part
of art, I would disagree. When I spend weeks, months, making sketches,
mock-ups, trial handmade paper, prints on different types of paper and with
different types of inks, etc., it is because I am trying to achieve a
certain final result. The process may be fascinating and enlightening to
me, but the end result is what I am aiming for. And when I have it, I'd
like it to be around for 10 or 20 years so that I can look back at it
again. Also, I am not the kind of artist that anyone collects as an
investment, so when someone buys my work I assume they want it around
because they like to look at it, and would like it to last so that they can
continue to appreciate it in the future. I don't worry about the materials
I use for my mock-ups and sketches, but I do care about what I use in the
work I sell. Even if you aren't concerned about the work 500 years from
now, non-archival inks and papers can change their appearance in just decades.

Shireen Holman, Printmaker and Book Artist
email: (tholman@xxxxxxxxx)

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