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hipster librarians

I cringed when I saw that they had made tv show of Party Girl (I didn't
watch it). Actually, it was originally a movie with Posey Parker as a young
woman involved in the party scene in NY with no direction in her life. Her
godmother gives her a job at a branch of the public library and eventually
the party girl deals with issues and gets her life together. It sounds
dumb, but it's really very good. Her clothes are great, the library jokes
are hilarious (especially when she organizes her roommates record
collection according to a classification scheme (with cross references),
and it actually had some poignant themes. In my library school we are
always discussing how to make the library a welcoming place and librarians
more approachable. I think we need to shed the old biddy stereotype and
glamorize ourselves a bit. After all, librarians tend to be very
interesting and "cool" people and we are certainly a diversified group.
For a hoot, I highly recommend the movie.     -Tanya

>Was it Party Girl the leather quote came from? It was a show about a young
>woman who gets a job in her godmother's library.
>Being a librarian, I watched it to see how they portrayed us. Pretty
>lame show, but got a couple of chuckles out of it.
>Karen Lightner
>Rare Book Department, Free Library of Philadelphia

Gregory Fisk
Tanya DiMaggio

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